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11A   Adrian Ricker  Shamsee
26B   Adrien Lee  White Noise
General art/writing blog
01B   Alex Murd  Martin Done With You Comfort Zone
33A   Andrew Gomez  Portfolio
03B   Annika Mellies  Portfolio
18B   Barry Detusch  Hereville
20   Ben Fleuter  Derelict
The Sword Interval
21B   Borealis Coast  shuttervalleyrecord.tumblr.com
24B   Brian Wolf  Stardust Slammers
15A   Bunny Mealstrom  Bunny Maelstrom
Dead Thirst
25A   Caitlin Like  Portfolio
Maiden of the Machine
The Best Thing
09B   Chibi Comics  Chibi Comics
Gods Fear Me
Samurai and Dinosaurs
For Hire Gargantua
Ink Volume 1
02   Cole Munro-Chitty  La Llorona
23B   Dax Riley  Beaver
09A   DePaolo Daniel - Illustration  The Brass Knuckle Rituals
Totem Kids
Professor Elemental Anthology (Issue 3)
Dingo and Willys Donuts
31B   Doorkey Comix  Doorkey Comics
27B   dylan canfield  Penniless
Drawling Moments
Mechanical District
30A   Elizabeth Kowash 
13A   Erika Rier  Portfolio
Etsy shop
17A   French Toast Comix  French Toast Comix
Superbutch (with Barry Deutsch)
06A   Genué Revuelta  Beyond - The Queer Sci-Fi & Fantasy Comic Anthology (Beyond Press)
Full Circle
Love & Sprockets
24A   gnomad comics  Gnomad Comics
34A   hopskotch SunDAY  Like A Potato
35B   Illya King  The Schlub
Totally Naked Man
28A   Indigo Kelleigh  Adventures of Ellie Connelly
War of the Worlds
Chutney Point
Pac-Man the Barbarian
22   Jake Richmond  Modest Medusa, Ghost Kiss, Combine
01A   James Murd  Ezra - Umbrae Libro I
Ezra - Umbrae Libro II
Ezra - Umbrae Libro III
21A   Jaymz Bernard  Portfolio
Devil Spy
Combine Patreon
29   JillianLambertArt  BRAINSICK
07B   Joamette Gil  Portfolio blog
10   Jonathon Dalton  Lost City Comics
A Mad Tea-Party
Lords of Death and Life
Phobos and Deimos (forthcoming)
New World (contributor)
Cautionary Fables & Fairy Tales (contributor)
The Legend of Bold Riley (artist)
30B   Joyce Fan  Portfolio
08   Kel McDonald  Sorcery 101
26A   Kerstin A. La Cross  Art blog
Baggage at the Checkout
Somewhere Over the Ruins
Comics Ruined my Self-Esteem
Pie Story
Otto the Friendly Monster
"Hidden Worlds, Open Dreams"
"Getting Dirt-y"
18A   Kevin Moore  Mooretoons
33B   Kyle Kerezsi  Bootleg Art
Three Stories
Grunt Work
04   Laura Graves 

666 Bistro
32B   Lauren Newburg  Portfolio
31A   Little Vampires  Little Vampires
03A   Maddy Spencer  Simple Inelegant
23A   Manga Club 
28B   Matt J. Rainwater  The Feeling Is Multiplied
Trailer Park Warlock
19B   Matthew Bogart  Website
11B   Michelle Nguyen  Portfolio
Reckstar (artist)
25B   Mister Loki  Until the Last Dog Dies
Mister Loki comic shorts
32A   Ms. Morri Comics  Ms. Morri
The Morrigan
  Mystery City Comics  Mystery City Comics
The Ineffables
Member of PANEL, a Columbus-based artist collective
17B   Naomi Rubin  Current Game Project with Ben Lehman: http://riseoftheeagleprincess.tumblr.com/ 2015 Art show: http://www.lacarmina.com/blog/2015/11/gothic-christmas-presents-hong-kong-hotel-sav-art/ 2015 Hotel Room Exhibition type thing: http://www.lacarmina.com/blog/2015/06/sav-hotel-hong-kong-art-theme-rooms/ Canon Alberic's Scrapbook (short comic): http://www.naomirub.in/comics/ca/ Lates Sketches: https://www.instagram.com/naomiyaki/ Domestic Animal (currently abandoned autobio) http://www.domestic-animal.com/
27A   Neil Jorge  The Art of Neil Jorge
14A   Pete Soloway  Pizza Gun Comics
19A   Pharoah Bolding  They Call Me Black Fist
Dates from Hell!
05   Rhiannon Rasmussen  Website
Tankadere Anthology
16   So What? Press  So What? Press
Lara Antal artist portfolio
34B   SPBurke  Oh Goodie! No One Cares What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
13B   Stephen Wiens  Portfolio
Future Swords
35A   Teensiest Creations  Blog
Cat Jazz
Quaint Collection
The Evercast Divide
12   The Gorgonist  Ushala at World's End
The Gorgonist Etsy shop
07A   This Is Hannako  Will You Play With Me?
Lonely Stars
14B   Valentine Barker  Chalky Hearts
15B   Zac Finger  Website
Modem Punk

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